Pontstraße 96,

Our team at Pontstraße 96 is looking forward to meeting you.


Filiale Krefelder Str 4, Collage, Nobis Printen Aachen

Welcome to our branch on Pont Street!

In the west of the city – the student quarter – find our modern branch. With the Ponttor as the starting point, the street leads to Aachen’s market square and past a variety of pubs, restaurants and cafes. In Aachen, the street is mainly known as a meeting place for students and all those who want to have fun together.

Since our opening in 2013, you can get fresh rolls, breads and baked goods here every day. Every day tourists, students and families come to our branch to have breakfast, meet with friends, enjoy a hot coffee or buy our delicious baked goods.

Also on Sundays you can get fresh rolls for your Sunday breakfast in our store or even enjoy it in our café.