The KidsClub

Membership is free and ends automatically at the age of 12.

Several times a year you will receive mail from us with great surprises and information.

The registration

You can download our registration form here.

To download the registration form, just click here.

Nobis Bulli Paper Model

You can download our Nobis Bulli paper model for free here. All you need is a printer, scissors, glue and a little time. Afterwards you have your own Nobis bulli. It’s best to take some thicker paper to keep your model last a long time.

To download the paper craft sheet, just click here.

Aachen coloring book

Here you can download all motifs from the Nobis Aachen coloring book free of charge. You can then print the pages and paint them out.

To download the Aachen coloring book, just click here.