The “Gebildbrot”, as the Aachener Printe was called due to its imaginative design, received the internationally known name “Printe” after the necessity to “press” the dough into said shape – English and Dutch means “print”.

Nobis-Printen a pastry that has become an Aachen landmark. Guests from near and far buy it with enthusiasm or are surprised by friends or business partners for Christmas from it. For this, we offer an exceptional service that will do all the work for you. The Printe has long since become a silent ambassador for a little more coziness and harmony.

And it adapts: stored warm and dry, it remains crisp and hard, depending on the variety. If you don’t like it so firm, it’s best to store them in a pot or tin that you should put in a cool place. If half an apple lies in it, the Aachener Printe quickly becomes nice and soft.

Foto Printenbäcker - Nobis Printen Aachen


Here you will find a selection of exquisite Aachen Printen from our traditional artisan bakery. Whether soft or firm-to-the-bite traditional Printen, whether dessert Printen, bite-sized Printis or Aachener Domspitzen with marzipan – there is something here for every Printen connoisseur.