Honest manual work by the experienced master hand!

We live and love the art of traditional baking! That’s why we bake out of passion with experience and traditional craftsmanship every day.

Ready mixes are out of the question for us. The selected quality of the natural ingriedients and craftsmanship make our baked goods special, which you can see, smell and taste. Our master bakers still produce our three-stage natural sourdough as the basis of our breads with craftmanship and a lot of patience. For example, we use Fairtrade certified chocolate to refine our Aachener Printen and our “Poschweck” is only baked with the best butter.

Our focus is on quality. Only this way we can guarantee our customers a consistent Nobis enjoyment.

Our focus is on quality.

Focus: Customer!

The satisfaction of our customers is the daily endeavor of our competent team. Hygiene and cleanliness are important for the sensitive handling of our baked goods.

We always strive to make shopping and staying in our bakeries as pleasant as possible through courteous friendliness, professional competence and a cosy atmosphere.

Let yourself be seduced and enjoy the taste!