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Your Nobis Card benefits in detail:

Payment card:
– Recharge your money in your Nobis bakery or comfortably at home and off you go!
– only 10 € minimum charge
– Simply pay with the Nobis Card
– until 12.05.2019 there is a 5% starter discount * on your purchase. You save up to 8%!
– Super for all kids: buy snacks cashless

Point card:
– Collect points – with each purchase* for every Euro you collect 3 points = 3 Cent
– Redeem and enjoy at any time (no cash payment)

Stamp card:
– Collect and redeem stamps with attractive promotions

Gift card:
– Charge a card with a desired amount of 10 € and give it away as a treat

Loyalty card:
– It’s your birthday? We think of you and invite you. Just register and get a little gift.

register online:
– Credit and points secured against loss
– Overview and control of your Nobis cards
– collect points together (family, shared flat etc.)

Privacy is important to us:
– With the German card provider bonvito the protection of your data is guaranteed according to the DSGVO.
– We do not share your data with third parties
– We will gladly inform you about individual offers, but only if you wish.

* Excluding newspapers, merchandise (such as bags, colorful eggs, coffee bags), Printen, pawn, offers
Nobis card your advantages


On request you can register your card here!
Do you have questions or need help with registration? We are happy to help! Just send us an e-mail to

Log in:

Here you can log in to your customer account!
You have questions or need help with the registration? We are happy to help! Just send us an e-mail to

Conditions of participation in the lottery:

Deadline May 12, 2019. All persons over the age of 18 who register online with the Nobis Card until 12.05.2019 and who agree to receive advertising, will take part. Employees and relatives of Nobis Printen are excluded from participation. The draw of the winners will take place to the exclusion of the public. The legal process is excluded. A cash payment of the prize is excluded. The winners will be informed in writing and if necessary via phone. The winners agree to the publication of their name and place of residence within the winner’s announcement.

Frequently asked Questions:

Lock Nobis Card, give away, merge:

How can I lock my card if lost?

Please log in here to lock your card and transfer the points to a new card. Please apply for a replacement Nobis card by mail to stating your name and phone number or get a new Nobis card with a minimum charge of 10 €.

Can I give away the Nobis card?

Yes, the Nobis card is also a gift card. For this purpose we have as a small gift packaging a suitable card case in our Nobis bakeries for you. The gift card has the same functions as the Nobis card.

Is the Nobis card transferable?

Yes, you can simply pass the card on to a desired person (points and other benefits do not expire). However, if you have registered the card online, you should change the customer data accordingly.

You can log in here and make the changes.

Can multiple cards collect points together?

Yes, after registering in the login area, you can merge cards.

How, where, why a Nobis card?

Where can I get the Nobis card?

You will receive the Nobis Card at all Nobis bakeries and cafés. Shipping is not provided.

Where can I use the Nobis card?

You can shop with the Nobis Card at all Nobis bakeries and cafes. You can not use the Nobis Card in our onlineshop and the Printen special shops.

What is the benefit of the Nobis card?

With the Nobis card, Nobis Printen would like to thank its customers for their loyalty. With the Nobis Card, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, cashless payments, special promotions, and earn points for your purchase *.

What does the program look like and what does the Card offer me?

Our Nobis card offers you many advantages. You can use the charged amount to pay for all purchases conveniently, easily and quickly while saving you money. Dont worry about small money anymore! For every spend* Euro we will credit you with 3 points worth 1 cent each.
With your next purchase you can redeem the points and save. Until 12.05.2019 there is a 5% starter discount * on your purchase. You save up to 8%!
Your children will simply pay their snacks with the Nobis card and registered online your credit and points are secured against loss.
With the card, you can take part in attractive promotions all year round – look forward to great benefits.

* excluding newspapers, merchandise, Printen, deposit and offers

Function of the Nobis card?

Do I have to register my card?

No, registration is not required. However, you are welcome to register your card here in order not to lose your points and credits if you lose your card.

I can't register my card because my email address is already in use?

In this case, you have already registered with a BonVaco partner. You can add the Nobis card to your BonVito customer account. Log in hereto edit your BonVito account.

How long is my Nobis card valid?

The Nobis card is valid for an indefinite period.

Is the Nobis card rechargeable?

Yes, you can recharge the Nobis Card at any time with a new deposit, either at your Nobis Bakery or online here.

How can I recharge my Nobis Card?

Please log in to your BonVito account (this only applies for the first time you register). Then click on “Your loyalty cards” on the left side of the menu and then click on the displayed green banknote symbol.

What do I do if my points account is full?

With the card a maximum of 5,000 points can be collected, which you can use at any time to pay for your purchase. After your purchase, you can again collect up to 5,000 points on the card.

Is the Nobis Card associated with costs or fees?

No, the card and all related benefits and advantages are completely free. You only have to charge the card for the first time with a 10 € credit.

My Nobis card does not have enough credit, but can I still pay with it?

You can pay the difference in cash. After that, you can of course recharge the card.

What happens if I forget my Nobis card when shopping?

You must have the card with you when shopping. Unfortunately, it is not possible to credit your points after your purchase. There are loyalty card apps in which you can store your Nobis card. If you then show us the card within the phone app, our sales assitants can scan the code from the app, granting you your Nobis Card benefits and crediting points.
Alternatively, you can alternatively show a photo of your Nobis card with well-visible barcode on your phone for such cases. Our sales assitants can then scan the code on the photo.

Where can I find out about my current score?

Your points are on your receipt, you can ask our friendly sales assistants or view your score online.
Please log in to see your overview here. You will then be able to see all the information concerning your Nobis card.

Can I exchange my Nobis card or withdraw cash?

The Nobis Card is excluded from exchange and the balance can not be paid in cash.
The credit can be used completely for purchases in all Nobis bakeries.

Problems, suggestions and criticism:

I'm having trouble signing up or logging in. What can I do?

Please write an email to and tell us about the problem. We’re here to help.

A card number appears in my customer account, even though I have not yet received a Nobis card?

The card number you see on your BonVito customer portal is just a placeholder until you receive and register your Nobis card. You can not earn points or get discounts with this transitional number in our bakeries. This is only possible with the Nobis Card. The Nobis card is available at all Nobis bakeries and cafes. After you have received the Nobis card, log into the portal, click on your customer card (s) on the left and then select Add new customer card in the middle. Then enter the loyalty card number (found on the back of your Nobis card) and add the card to your customer account. When this process is complete, you can use the card to access the accumulated points.

I have suggestions or criticism. Whom can I contact?

Please send us your suggestions or criticism by email to

Not all questions were answered - how do I get more answers?

The Nobis team is at your disposal for any questions – by e-mail to or by phone at 0241/968000.

Contact for Nobis Card holder

The Nobis team in our bakeries will be happy to answer your questions. You can also reach us by e-mail at or by phone at 0241/968000.

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