Weststraße 6-8,

Our team in the Weststraße is looking forward to your visit.


Filiale Fichtenweg 2a, Collage, Nobis Printen Aachen

Welcome to Weststraße in Herzogenrath!

In the enchanting Kohlscheid our friendly professional staff welcomes you and is there for all your questions and wishes! Listen to the hustle and bustle of the district over coffee and Nobis specialties and let the taste and quality – for which we stand at Nobis – convince you. Of course, you can also get everything to go with us.

Also on Sundays our branch will spoil you with fresh rolls for your weekend breakfast. Or you can come to our café to enjoy your well-deserved breakfast. With our delicious sandwiches, sweet pastries and coffee, we are prepared for every breakfast wish. Of course, we also have our famous Aachener Printen for you here!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Did you know that the town, which was shaped by mining for centuries, was created in 1972 by merging the town of Herzogenrath with the communities of Kohlscheid and Merkstein?