Niederzierer Straße 86,

Our team at Edeka-Markt Rosenzweig is looking forward to your visit.


Filiale Niederzierer Str 86 Niederzier, Collage, Nobis Printen

Welcome to Niederzier!
In the heart of this beautiful community, our friendly team is here for you Monday through Sunday. You can find our bakery in the Edeka market Rosenzweig. So after your weekly shopping, only a few steps separate you from delicious breads and rolls in the best Nobis quality. Besides breads and other bakery products, we also offer a wide range of snacks and drinks. For example, how about a hot coffee or a sandwich for the road? If there is nothing for you in our snack bar, we will be happy to prepare a snack according to your wishes. Simply contact our sales staff.
Did you know that Niederzier was first mentioned in a document in 898? Since then it was French, Palatinate Bavarian and Prussian and the villages of the municipality belonged to Jülich, Düren or Nörvenich.