Employee benefits

The well-being of our employees is very important to us!

Our team spends a significant amount of time working at Nobis Printen. That is why it is important to us to make working conditions as attractive as possible: Through modern workplaces, pleasant working conditions, compliance with safety and break regulations, as well as consistent employee participation. To further reduce stress, we would like to offer our employees additional opportunities beyond the workplace. To this end, we have compiled a catalog that includes attractive, tax-free fringe benefits in addition to company health promotion.

Nobis benefits bring a lot of advantages:

  • Improvement of health conditions in the company
  • Reconciliation of private and professional life
  • Financial relief
  • Reduction of (work) stress
  • Improvement of health status and reduction of health risks
  • Improvement of the well-being, the quality of life and the own efficiency
  • Increasing job satisfaction and improving the working atmosphere

Company pension plan

It is not only the health of our employees that is important to us – no, we also want to ensure that they have the retirement provisions they deserve after all the years of hard work in our team. For example, employees receive an annual subsidy for their company pension plan.

Childcare support

Nobis Printen is family-friendly! Family and work are two of the most important areas of life that we would like to make compatible for our employees. Therefore, it is possible that we provide financial support for childcare.

Employee discount at Nobis Printen

In the Nobis Printen team, employees receive an employee discount of 40% on baked goods and 20% on Printen/snacks when purchasing.

Corporate Benefits

As a Nobis employee, you benefit from very attractive special conditions when purchasing via the platform of our partner Corporate Benefits. In doing so, you can buy at heavily discounted prices from numerous stores of well-known brands.

Gym membership

WOF facilities regionally offer over 25,000 square feet of high quality, spaciousness and amenities. The offer includes much more than the flexible opening hours, 650 courses, child care and body treatments. We support our employees, after the end of the probationary period, with a highly discounted membership fee in WOF.


When you’re surrounded by Nobis delicacies all day long, you’re bound to have a few too many kilos on the scales. Who this concerns can change it with weightwatchers. We think it’s great when our employees want to do something for a healthy lifestyle. Upon presentation of a registration, we will pay the registration fee after consultation.

Annual health check

A health mobile comes to us annually. We give our employees the chance to have their health status checked voluntarily.

Participation in sports events

Logo Aachener Firmenlauf - Nobis Printen Aachen

Running for a good cause: Nobis Printen is a long-standing participant in the Aachen Company Run and the Nordeifler Business Run. We are looking forward to a great participation, because the bigger our Nobis team gets, the more fun it is. We will pay the entry fee.

Nobis Printen Aachen, Aachener Firmenlauf

"Team Nobis" at the Aachen company run

Icon e-Bike - Nobis Printen Aachen

E-Bike Leasing

Once one has completed two years of employment, we as an employer are happy to enter into a lease agreement for our employee. Contracting through us allows for tax and social security employee benefits as part of the monthly payroll.

There are many more Nobis benefits to explore with us - feel free to see for yourself and contact us.