Münsterplatz 2,

Our Printen team at Münsterplatz 2 is looking forward to seeing you.


Filiale Josef Lambert Str 59, Collage, Nobis Printen Aachen

Welcome to our Printen specialty store at the foot of Aachen Cathedral!

What would you like? Soft Printen, spiced Printen, with chocolate, without chocolate but with nuts? The list goes on and on. Discover the variety of our Printen and taste with pleasure! Here there really is the right Printe for everyone. If you are unsure about your choice, our expert staff will actively support you and gladly hand out small samples. Make yourself or your loved ones happy with delicious Printen from Nobis!

Are you looking for Printen for special occasions? Whether it’s for birthdays, Christmas, Easter or other holidays, we have the perfect printe for every special event. Did you know that you can also get Printen plates with your own text? You can also order these conveniently online at: shop.nobis-printen.de

We are looking forward to your visit!