Josef-Lambertz-Straße 59,

Our team at Josef-Lambertz-Straße 59 is looking forward to meeting you.


Filiale Schlossparkstr. 2, Collage, Nobis Printen Aachen

Welcome to Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid!

In beautiful Kohlscheid, our great team welcomes you from Monday to Sunday and is ready for all your wishes and questions. Get to know the wide variety of Nobis and find everything from rolls, to breads, to pastries that your bakery heart desires!

Enjoy a little time out and relax with a cup of coffee and a little treat in our café. When the weather is nice, we also invite you to our outdoor area. We are looking forward to your visit!

Did you know that Herzogenrath was created in 1972 by merging the town of Herzogenrath with the communities of Merkstein and Kohlscheid? Today, the town – which has been characterized by mining for centuries – forms the symbolic twin town of Eurode with the Dutch municipality of Kerkrade.